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World on fire

That's what Glenn Beck says about every night....and it seems about right.  Wars are breaking out everywhere it seems and violence is becoming common place EVERYWHERE, just read your news, local and national. 
Just a quick observation, Iraq, Afghanistan,Libya,Syria,Lebanon,Ivory Coast, Mexico, ...and the local shooting in your home town. 

New look journal

Wondered through the new set ups for pages, I like this new one.  Would rather see something more for a warrior.....eh.  I sit, type, and drink coffee with this one.

What works online anymore

Seems the internet has become so huge that it's like a being a fish in the ocean.  Hard to find a good niche place to settle down and write, read, and try to make a difference.  Soooo much information changing minute by minute, oh to be born in 1850's when all you had to do was survive the day. 

Been awhile

I really don't get on this much do I?

Change in the air

I'm coming to the end of doing my blog on a massive news site.  Not seeing any real fruition from all the endeavors that have been put forth.  Time will tell. 

Politics n stuff

Working on some ideas to blog about today.  Also re-thinking my Live Journal and Blog...maybe combining the two here.  Time...the ever present enemy. 

First posting

     The difference between a journal, blog, and forums, that's why I have gone this route.  A forum, you give and take advice and usually more nonconstructive criticism than anything, a blog for my purposes is use to educate and inform, and this journal....will be a more personal ground of exploration.  These things all require 'time', something that as you get older, you find you have less of.  As a kid, summer used to last forever, now as an adult, where did summer go...was it even here?  A day lasted forever as a kid....as an adult, it's that time already??!!
    So, if 'time' becomes an enemy, this journal will be the first casualty in the war against time.  For as time itself is infinite, for us mortals, time is precious and increasingly fleeting.  It's already 2010!!!  And January is already closing in on an end.  ....which sadly means  the NFL season is almost over....and all that  is left is gangsta NBA and then prima-donna MLB.  Hey, I have a lot of spare time in front of me...yeah!!



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